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The Lone Star Helix Heel Rope

Sale price$49.99

The Lone Star Helix Rope is uniquely engineered, featuring a multi-directional, double-twisted core, to allow the center core to counterbalance the rope as a whole. This - combined with our evenly tensioned and precise core shell strands allows our ropers an industry-first choice of weight and size in the same feel and constructed rope. The rope of choice for 5X NFR qualifier Dustin Egusquiza, The Helix has a smooth body and a fast feel.

    The Lone Star Helix Heel Rope
    The Lone Star Helix Heel Rope Sale price$49.99

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 199 reviews
    Jordan Clyde
    Awesome rope

    Awesome rope right out of the box

    Scotty NeSmith
    Loving my new Helix LT HM Heel ropes.

    I ordered the Helix LT HM Heel rope to give it a try and man it feels good! It's easy to swing and feels smaller in your hand. It's got a quick/snappy feel without being bouncy and trying to run. You can feel the tip well and it has enough body to give you them big open loops we want. Now I can't decide if the Helix LT or the Thunderbird is my favorite !

    Marty Okamura
    Helix heel review

    I like the weight of the Helix. I can feel my tip well and it seems to last good too. Definitely one of my favorite heel ropes.

    Timothy Largo

    I personally use helix on the head,XS and healing ,MS..

    Jp Hardy
    Lone star

    I am extremely happy with my lone star ropes! I use the helix and the thunderbird. I love how fast they are while being very balanced and having what I would consider the perfect weight and diameter ratio for what I like.