Together Again
Coleman Proctor's horse Admiral has been out of competition since last summer when he went out with an injury to his right leg in the second run of the Daddy of ‘Em All in Cheyenne. Extensive rehabilitation followed. Thanks to Signature Equine Hospital in Stephenville, Texas, Admiral rose to the occasion in Montana.
Going for No. 7
Going for No. 7
“In this business, it’s chickens one day, feathers the next. You might mess up, but the kids come in and jump on your lap - that helps keep it all in perspective.”
Making another run at the NFR

This year, Coleman - along with heeling partner Logan Medlin - is on track to qualify for his seventh. He currently is No. 6 in the PRCA World Standings. 

'The Absolute Pinnacle of Consistency'

Proctor’s weapon of choice in the arena is The Fever head rope. This uniquely engineered five-strand head rope has a nylon/poly blend and features a multi-directional, double-twisted core to counterbalance the rope as a whole. With the small diameter and an unusual amount of weight, The Fever offers a unique five-strand head rope that is heat resistant and consistent in all elements.

Toter Tales
Toter Tales

“I don’t even remember what I was doing, but I don’t like typing so it’s just easier for me to make a video,” Proctor says. “Because of my schedule, there are a lot of family members that haven’t seen me in a long time.”

Coleman Proctor on his fantasy dinner and what'd he ask Jesus
If you’re not busy - and you receive an invitation, of course - you won’t want to miss Coleman Proctor’s fantasy dinner party. For starters, the food will be catered by J.L’s in Pryor, Oklahoma, home of the ...