The Fastest Feeling Rope

For breakaway world champion Sawyer Gilbert, whose cool demeanor and obvious fearlessness in Vegas served her well, nothing matches the Pink Caddy when it comes to doing exactly what she needs her rope to do in big competitions.

Sawyer Gilbert, 2021 WPRA and NFR Breakaway World Champion

The money she earned at the NFR is already spent, she says with a laugh. She bought a new truck last summer and is currently looking to buy a new trailer. Much of the prize cash will be spent on new horses.

“I’m putting all of it toward bettering my future,” Gilbert says.

Sawyer Gilbert: Lessons Learned on the Ranch
Breakaway sensation Sawyer Gilbert drives her own rig to every event, no matter where it is, crisscrossing the Western U.S. in her truck (she just bought a 2009 Peterbilt Schwalbe to travel in next year). At...
No Time For Fear

Gilbert was sitting at 100th in the world in her sport last June, a 19-year-old who knew that if she stuck to her plan, good things would happen. If she could string together some wins, she knew she was still in the race to qualify for the NFR in December in Vegas. Failure? Well, it wasn’t really an option.