NEED FOR SPEED: Lone Star's top guns shine on rodeo's biggest stage

Thanks to legendary rope maker Guy Alford’s attention to detail and keen understanding of what these athletes need to succeed on the rodeo world’s grandest stage, Lone Star is proud of how well our ropes hold up to the competition year in and year out.

Trust the Process
Ropes. The tools of our trade that help us bring home the big money, the prizes, and, of course, the bragging rights. When we pick out a rope, we first swing it to make sure it feels just right. If it doesn...
A Different Kind of Company
A Different Kind of Company
Today, that same attention to detail can still be found in everything crafted by Lone Star. Nobody makes ropes like Guy and his team. And what really sets LSR apart from its competitors is the specialized, digitally controlled rope machines that produce ropes that have a unique feel and are perfectly balanced.